Singing in The Garden of My Secret Tearoom

Well, it’s been some time since I caught up with “Sometimes She Dances”, aka Sarka, and since then there has been a development amongst the little community of cafes in my local neighbourhood.

A traditional, Victorian-style tearoom has opened – complete with cute tea garden too – all tucked away in the corner of my street. It even calls itself “My Secret Tea Room”

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Tea rooms have an interesting history too, as this blog post on the tea room’s site testifies too , however they have become a bit of an endangered species in recent times as Elizabeth from Rosalilium mentions in a post on her lifestyle blog-site as the chains further encroach on the territory which was once bastion to the independent cafe or tea room.


Indeed, perhaps even echoing what is written on Rosalilium, a Costa cafe is due to open here shortly – and so it will be interesting to see whether this ends up being a cuckoo’s nest for cafes here, with the entrance of a chain to kill off the competition from the die-hard locals.  Certainly I saw it happen in Queen’s Park, just across the way, with all the chains entering – except the independents there diversified away from purely serving coffee, tea, sandwiches and cake to being delicatessens or pizza places and even a mix of cafe and clothes shop (!)

I don’t see that happening across the park in Kensal Rise however, as I feel the plethora of unique local cafes each have something unique to offer – from what they serve, to where and how they serve it – providing a unique vibe and personal space to enjoy.

As such, I think my friend, Nadia, from My Secret Tea Room has something to gain from what Elizabeth has said in her post – and simply serve great tea, the way it’s meant to be, along with a nice array of sandwiches and cakes. Can Costa compete?  We’ll see – but it certainly won’t be with their tea.

In any case, as a footnote – and explanation of the title of this blog post – I never managed to get around to catching up with Sarka, the subject of my previous post, at that cafe in Brick Lane a few weeks later.  However I did bump into her again at Queen’s Park Market – a few weeks later – where she was actually able to play inside, thanks to Gay (one of my favourite stall-holders from the market there) wrangling with the Market Officers to get her a corner to play in amongst the stalls, thereby creating a much more pleasant atmosphere.

It was in seeing Sarka play there, amongst the fruit and vege stalls, that I suddenly had an idea – why not have her do a gig in the hidden garden at The Secret Tea Room?

So, a few discussions by text and an email or two after that, I arranged for her to meet up with Nadia in the garden of her tea room – and then left the two of them to chat and sort things out.  I am very pleased to say that they did, and so there is going to be some singing happening in My Secret Tea Room some time in the next few weeks.  I am also going to use it as a first occasion to test out producing a video I can put in a vlog to you of the gig.  Go try competing with that, Costa!

UPDATE:   The gig is on!  From 3pm to 4.30pm on this coming Sunday 2 October.  More details can be found here:

Also, The Secret Tea Room and Tea Garden are now only open for private parties – so this is an opportunity to see inside.




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